"Though one day my body will be gone,
my spirit shall always be here in Self-Realization,
blessing you all."

Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda
Welcome To The
Richmond Meditation Circle

This group is composed of devoted members and friends of the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF). For more than 85 years, SRF has been dedicated to carrying on the spiritual and humanitarian work of its founder, Paramahansa Yogananda, widely revered as the father of Yoga in the West.

SRF is a worldwide religious organization with international headquarters in Los Angeles. As expressed in the Aims and Ideals formulated by Paramahansa Yogananda, the society seeks to foster a spirit of greater understanding and goodwill among the diverse peoples and religions of our global family, and to help those of all cultures and nationalities to realize and express more fully in their lives the beauty, nobility, and divinity of the human spirit.

Overcoming Anger - Part 2



Excerpts from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda


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There are roughly two kinds of people: those who continually lament

what is wrong with the world, and those who smile away life's

difficulties and remain always positive in their thinking.

Why take everything so seriously? How wonderful this world

would be if everyone were more positive, more harmonious!


In the jungle of civilization, in the stress of modern living, lies

the test. Whatever you give out will come back to you. Hate,

and you will receive hate in When you fill yourself with in

harmonious thoughts and emotions, you are destroying
yourself. Why hate or be angry with anyone? Love your

enemies. Why stew in the heat of anger? If you become

riled, get over it at once. Take a walk, count to ten or

fifteen, or divert your mind to something pleasant. Let go

of the desire to retaliate. When you  `are angry your brain is overheating, your heart is having valve trouble, hole body
is being devitalized. Exude peace and goodness; because that is the nature of the image
of God within you — your true nature. Then no one can disturb you.



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When you want to create a good habit or destroy a bad one, concentrate on the brain cells,
the storehouse of the mechanisms of habits. To create a good habit, meditate; and then with

the concentration fixed at the Christ center, the center of will between the eyebrows, deeply

affirm the good habit that you want to install. And when you want to destroy bad habits,

concentrate at the Christ center and deeply affirm that all the grooves of bad habits are

being erased.


I will tell you a true story of the effectiveness of this technique. In India, a man who had

a bad temper came to me. He was a specialist in slapping his bosses when he lost his temper,

so he also lost one job after another. He would become so uncontrollably irate that he

would throw at whoever bothered him anything that was handy. He asked me for help.

I told him, The next time you get angry, count to one hundred before you act." He tried it,

but came back to me and said, I get more angry when I do that. While I am counting,

I am blind with rage for having to wait so long." His case looked hopeless.


Then I told him to practice Kriya Yoga, with this further instruction: After practicing your

Kriya, think that the divine Light is going into your brain, soothing it, calming your nerves,

calming your emotions, wiping away all anger. And one day your temper tantrums will be

gone." Not long after that, he came to me again, and this time he said, I am free from
 the habit of anger. I am so thankful." I decided to test him. I arranged for some boys to

pick a quarrel with him. I hid myself in the park along the route where he used to pass

regularly, so that I could observe. The boys tried again and again to goad him into a fight,

but he wouldn't respond. He kept his calmness.


Bless me, that I heal anger hurts in myself with the salve of self-respect,
and anger hurts in others with the balsam of kindness."

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The Richmond Meditation Circle meets every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at

8401 Patterson Avenue
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May you feel God and the Gurus ever close to you, and may the experience of the service be one of lasting inspiration in your life.

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